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Check Out Processing Parts We’ve Made

“Processing is the only way to achieve the goal!”

We mostly offer machining parts & components for optoelectronic, metal-working, automatic, shoe-making industries.

We are willing to fabricate all kinds of parts, components and mechanism for our clients.

If there are prototypes, samples, 2D drawings, 3D models, or sketches.

We CAN make it! Please contact us for quotation! 

  • No minimum quantity required,
  • Prompt response,
  • Precise and quality assured finish goods,
  • Efficient delivery,
  • Please give us a chance to work with you!

Our working machinery includes,
Litz Machining Center
Accuway Turning Center
Conventional Lathe
Milling machines
Straightening machine
Drilling machines
Tapping machines

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Product Range: Assembly, Multi-processed Parts, Parts of electromechanical, OEM Parts, Customized PartsParts of electromechanical, Special Material Processing, Ball Screw Processing, Timing Gear, Belt Pulley, Precision Parts, applying to all industriesElectronic Parts/ Components, CNC Machining Parts : Machining, CNC Machining Parts : Turning, CNC Precision Machined Parts, CNC Precision Parts Precision Machining Parts,