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We’d provide best services for your perfect Satisfaction!

For the past 2 decades, we have worked with national customers for making parts and components. As we are in central of Taiwan, as known as industrial urban of Taiwan. We have built reliable working relationship with our clients, some of them we worked since we started this work shop. The close communications and efficient services are two strategies we stick to.

Service are the only Key for customers’ satisfaction. Looking into a new generation, we are eager to extend our venture into worldwide. Taking the experiences and continuously improving our workmanship up-to-date, we look forward to creating a prosperous future with the cooperation with current and new clients! 

As we all know that machinery is the foundation of the industry development, parts and components are built to make machinery, then improve our life and living. We are willing to manufacture for all the related industrial field. Please feel free to contact us if you have requirements, demands or though an initial idea, they are all welcome to J.S. Industrial Corp.J.S. outlook